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Diolch am alw draw. Mwynhewch y caneuon a gwyliwch Facebook am gigs a ballu.

Releasing Birds

“From the wintry opener, ‘Can Never’, with Fiona Owen’s haunting voice swallowed by organ and field recordings, to the more robust ‘Across’, which mixes banjo licks with a drum loop and abstract electronics, this is a quite triumph”. – Tom Pinnock, Uncut

“Evocative and uplifting songs for the turning year from Fiona & Gorwel Owen (whose production credits include Super Furry Animals and Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci). Gorgeous vocals soar on sonic thermal currents of expertly-blended acoustic instruments and electronics. Discover with haste!” – fROOTS

Spring Always Comes

‘An album of shimmering delights’ – Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales
‘Mae hon jyst yn brydferth’ – Dyl Mei, Golwg

In Between

‘Suitably for people whose operations are so out of the trend-loop, this is a deeply, often thrillingly unique record’ – Noel Gardener, Honk

‘Creadigol ac ysbrydoledig’ – Catrin Dafydd, Golwg

‘This is a fantastic album. In Between is full of beautiful pastoral melodies and feedback/drone sun-drenched backing’ – Wil Williams, SNOG Online

‘Strange goings on in deepest Wales, extemporised pastoral psychedelia’ – Taplas

‘Imaginative, low-key and finely judged … always beautiful and sometimes profound’ – Malcolm Lewis, Planet


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