Spring Always Comes

Spring Always Comes ( Yamoosh! 2008 )

Gyda/with: Cass Meurig, John Lawrence, Owen Lloyd-Evans, Alun Tan Lan, Edwin Humphreys, Rob MacKay

1. Rhwng
2. Ten Thousand Things
3. Cold Song
4. Eirlysiau
5. Marigold
6. Elephant
7. Sow
8. Ychydig Is Na’r Angylion
9. Spring Always Comes
10. Let Me Out
11. Dod Dy Law

Caneuon/Songs by Fiona & Gorwel Owen heblaw/except:
1. Music: Fiona & Gorwel Owen. Words from Oerfel Gaeaf Duw by Aled Jones Williams.
Gyda llawer o ddiolch i Aled a Gwasg y Bwthyn.
4. Music: Fiona & Gorwel Owen. Setting of ‘Eirlysiau’, a poem by Waldo Williams.
Gyda llawer o ddiolch i Eluned Richards.
11. Trad. Arr. Fiona & Gorwel Owen
‘Ychydig Is Na’r Angylion’ shares its title with a novel by Aled Jones Williams.
Ofn (Cyhoeddi/Publishing)
Recordiwyd yn Llanfaelog, Ynys Môn rhwng Haf 2007 a Gwanwyn 2008.
Recorded in Llanfaelog, Ynys Môn between Summer 2007 and Spring 2008.
Ôl-gynhyrchu/Mastering: Siwan Lisa Evans

Cover Painting: The Reckoning by Maria Hayes www.mariahayes.info

Available from exceptional shops such as Palas Print, Spillers and Sadwrn


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